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Celebrating 90 years of Veterans Aid

As a key supporter and facilities management of Veterans Aid we wanted to share some insights from the charities 2021 – 2022 Impact Report as they celebrate 90 years of caring for veterans in crisis.

Andrew Wallis MBE OL DL, Chairman of Veterans Aid says in the report:

In our 90th year it is absolutely right that we look back with pride at the incredible journey the charity has taken since it was first conceived. Countless lives have been saved and even more positively influenced by VA interventions. However, there is a reason why a rear-view mirror in a car is tiny by comparison to the size of the windscreen – the way ahead is far more important and exciting than where we have been.

By supporting Veterans Aid in the past, present and future gives the staff at Blackmoor Knight a real sense of pride and achievement knowing that we have had a positive role in the charities success helping ex-servicemen and women. Below you will see the Veterans Aid achievements last year.

The amazing work Veterans Aid do with the support of companies and individuals is apparent when you look at the statistics and how they have changed people's lives, Veterans aid said of Blackmoor Knight and it's other supporters:

As ever, our heartfelt gratitude goes to all our supporters... Their overwhelming generosity - this past year more than ever - inspires and touches us. Thanks to them we are able to survive, thrive and continue our life-saving work among ex-servicemen and women in crisis.

If you would like to find out more about Veterans Aid and how you can support them, visit their website.


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