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Royal Institute of Great Britain

We have had the pleasure in being selected as Primary Mechanical and electrical contractor at the Royal Institute of Great Britain.

Blackmoor Knight Ltd have also been appointment master craftsman for the building fabric and upkeep.

It has been an honour to be working alongside Britain’s top scientist in helping them achieve ground-breaking research by giving them the facilities that give them faultless results.

The building in central London must be the most prestigious and famous building in the engineering world. The location where Thomas Eddison demonstrated the first Light Bulb in 1879 and where Faraday and had his laboratory and held many lectures and where he developed and demonstrated the first electric motor.

In the run up to the 2022 Christmas lectures we had been tasked to update the lighting in the theatre to a new LED DMX controlled system. This provides a substantial energy saving in both electrical energy for light generation but also electricity for the use of cooling via the chiller. The old light fittings were over 20 years old and emitted a lot of heat, this in turn heated the theatre which in the summer months caused over heating issues in the building.

Whilst we carried out works to the lighting and the controllers, we also gave the theatre grand flooring a spruce up.

We carried out a 2 pass sanding method, with a finer grade pass for the finishing stage. This then allowed us to use a high traffic varnish to give many more years of use.

We have completed a whole site upgrade of the Emergency Lighting, not only saving energy on not having to charge large old NICAD battery’s but also the heat generated by them. So far we have recycled 4.8 tonnes of batteries from this one site alone. All environmentally disposed of by our award winning recycling contractor.

Whilst upgrading lighting we have had the prestigious task of re-lamping the grand entrance chandelier. This is accessed and removed by an original hoist system and can be lowered to floor level by one person.

It shows the great engineering skills of the late 1800’s, the chandelier also self-engages itself into a 3 pin cage when fully lifted. No Only Fools and Horses moments here!

The Ante room which is a room leading into the theatre has also been given a new lease of life and particular attention to the wooden flooring which has an original mahogany inlay design. This floor was sanded and repaired by our skilled craftsperson.

Works to the Mond staircase has been completed, this included for a re lamping and re wiring of this 4-storey feature light in the middle of the Mond staircase. When walking down the staircase the balls represent the molecules of Hydrogen.

Other areas of works include the red corridor and the main library.

Our relationship with the Royal Institution is getting stronger and stronger and we look forward to many more years of caring for this wonderful building.


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