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Tight squeeze on Chancery Lane

At Blackmoor Knight we pride ourselves of finding a solution for every eventuality, so when one of our recent projects on Chancery Lane needed new external VRV units, but with access constraints and we had no option but to go for a road closure and a mobile tower crane.

City lifting, who we use for all our high level liftings works, gave us pin point accuracy to land the external units onto pre-fabricated frames.

The crane operators skill was fantastic, it was quick and accurate and along with our careful planning meant everything fitted in its place and the project was able to commence swiftly and as economically as possible.

In some cases where cranes and road closures are just not practical or possible we revert to equipment strip downs and re-builds at site. Not ideal as there is nothing like a factory environment to ensure equipment is assembled correctly, however some times there is no option and we have done this very successfully on this project.


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