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Working in association with The Royal institute

We are pleased and proud to report our professional working association with The Royal Institute of Great Britain, Mayfair, London.

The Royal Institute is an extremely prestigious and historic building and in terms of Electrical and Mechanical engineering it must be ranked as the most significant building of its type.

Housing the laboratories of Thomas Edison and Michael Faraday with many of the instruments which they used on display.

The theatre at the Royal Institute was the venue of the first ever demonstration of an Electric Light Bulb by Invented and demonstrated by Thomas Edison. It is also home to the Christmas Lectures, which BMK have been instructed to upgrade and consult on achieving improvements to the lighting system and efficiency of the heating and cooling systems.

Blackmoor Knight are involved in a major engineering review and upgrade of the premises, including Electrical, Mechanical Installations, Theatre lighting, Building Management Systems, Fire alarms, water hygiene measures, and a Building Structural survey and reports as well as general building maintenance work.

We are all thrilled to be involved in such a building with such historic importance.


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